Views of the Volkswagen New Beetle Rally Car (and a legitimate truck load of tires & stuff) being loaded at Karl Scheible's upstate New York house and how the rig looked in the driveway of the Stage Fright Rallye Team's International Headquarters on Coyote Trail in West Tulsa County, Oklahoma less than 24 hours later:
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Brockport, N.Y. in early March
Okie truck in Brockport, N.Y.
Karl and longtime friend Larry Ricker loading up.
Making sure it all fits.
Karl grinning about his newly empty garage!
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"Cut Car" about to bid N.Y. adieu.
Bad Ass Dodge packed to the gunnels.
Mad Mike picked a crappy spot for a nap ...
Finally, on the trailer, all nice & cozy ...
Ready to back up the hill and head southwest!
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Back at the motel ...
ready to check out!
18 hours of driving and 1250 miles from home.
His & Hers V-Dubs.
Welcome home, "StudBug"
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A stop off in Ohio Enon, Ohio ...