RealAutoSport, LLC presents,

The Hirschfeld Collection of old-time rally car pics.
ALL pics on this page were shot by Dan Hirschfeld and his "little Kodak Instamatic camera" and scanned from prints during this millennium.  Thanks Dan!!!


Hairy Canary 'Stang
Volvo service barge SAAB 96 from Texas behind the Pork-chop.
Blok Arrow Z-28
Busweisers! Loading up ...
Team Toyota Checking Scores
Below are Pics From Michigan's 20 Stages Rally
Buffum Triumph
Eric Jones 510 Jim Walker's Italian office
Alitalia FIAT 131 Abarth rally car!
Blok Arrow Harvey 4WD Aspen Olds w/experimental plastic rims
A Pontiac Vega, isn't it? :-)
Below are Pics From Ohio's Tulip 200 Rally
SAAB 96 Tim Shannon Colt
Eric Jones 510 Eric Jones 510 SAAB 99
BMW 2002