Before flying to Seattle to steward the Rally America Doo Wop Regionals I was hired to help Andrew Comrie-Picard's pre-100AW-rally test of the Slow Boy Racing Lancer EVO 9RS and haul "Cowboy" Kenny's STi there so he could kick up some dust too, I had a few minutes to snap a few pics ...

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  Sayerville Bison Ranch near Potossi, Missouri
The Slowboy Rally Team Rig ...

  Kenny's STi ready for practice Unloading ACP's EVO
ACP/Kenny Pre-practice briefing. The Slowboy Evo 9RS Riding in a REAL Hummer ...
C'mon Jen, time to go spectate! Our Bison Ranch chauffer. Jen checking out the scenery.
Dennis being coy Dennis being Dennis ACP with Kenny aboard ready for a hot lap.
"Spectator Area" Post-test debrief Post-test debrief
Yours truly doing post-test repairs Our Bison Ranch paddock. HIDs aplenty
HIDs aplenty Loading up for the long drive to Salem  In Salem the morning after.
Ms. Horesy  filling in Jen's Bible. Ms. Horesy  filling in Jen's Bible. Our pre-event Salem paddock.
ACP in action hauling "Cowboy" Kenny over the Bison Ranch roads.