"Cowboy" Kenny Bartram and Dennis Hotson join the RealAutoSport, LLC Rallye Team for Rally America's 2006 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood national and come away with a Production Class win and a Two-Wheel-Drive podium finish in their first-ever stage rally. 

All images copyright RealAutoSport, LLC 2006 unless otherwise credited.  First 15 are Trey Teegarden shots as are the 17 before those taken at Northwood R-4.

StudBug's February 2005  Rally America 100 Acre Wood Rally with "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram!
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Arthur Partyka - artpartphoto.com Lorne Trezise
Arthur Partyka - artpartphoto.com
Trezise08.jpg (139259 bytes) Many Thanks to Arthur Partyka , Lorne Trezise and
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Lorne Trezise
Lorne Trezise
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WhiteKnucklePhotography.com WhiteKnucklePhotography.com WhiteKnucklePhotography.com
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Ronnie Arnold pic    speed-pics.com WhiteKnucklePhotography.com
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Sans Neon at Saturday's Parc Expose StudBug team at Saturday's Parc Expose Jeep at Saturday's Parc Expose
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Sans Ne on at Saturday's Parc Expose Another Ne on at Saturday's Parc Expose  Davis SRT4 at Saturday's Parc Expose
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PorkChop at Saturday's Parc Expose Pastrana at the head of the Parc Expose CoDriver D. Martin leaving Parc Expose
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Nath interviews Travis Another angle ... Foust ReX at Saturday's Parc Expose
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Pritchard Escort Saturday morning Cowboy Kenny signing autographs and posing for pictures.
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Tech dudes on the prowl Ellington Service Ellington Service
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RGC queue RGC queue Bohn checking on RallyBrat & Amy
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Moro in the RGC queue Utecht in the RGC queue RGC  in front of cool, old house
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Servicing Block Filming Dedo Filming Dedo
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Servicing Dedo Servicing Pinker Ellington Service
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Escort powerplant Servicing Pinker Remaining half of Vt. Sports Car ...
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Champagne soaked PGT cars PGT podium Block's car onto the scales
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Nath!!! Sans Ne on after winning G2 George, "Surprise!"
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Post rally bull session with RallyBrat Kenny Kenny & Dennis
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The whole, victorious StudBug team Gerardo's Ford Trey
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Bruce bailing, Jimmy about to Karen Wagner Gimme a beer
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"Cowboy" Kenny, Dennis Hotson and the StudBug go to School in MO.
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Northwood R-4 School DSCN5832.JPG (87519 bytes) 23 Feb 2006.
north of Salem, MO