Views from the StudBug's second quest for the Donison Cup.
Chapter One - the Cherokee Trails Interntional Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee in March 2001.

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Photos by  Steve Glenn from Ready to go.
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Ready for the

 press stage.

Just showin' off.

First time ever on dirt.

Photo by Brad Odegard
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Photos from Cherokee Trails by Ben Chuang!

Another in the sequence by Ben Chuang.

Photo by Ben Chuang

See ya later Ben!! 

SS14 shot by George Beckerman

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Stylin' StudBug!  Photo by Timmerman/Holter

Thursday was some kind of MUDDY!

SS12 shot by George Beckerman
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In the Cricket Pavilion. Look!! A fan!!!
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Stage 4 - photo 2001 Mark McNamara

Stage 7 - photo 2001 Mark McNamara

Stage 7 - photo 2001 Mark McNamara

Stage 9 - photo 2001 Mark McNamara

"Winners" pic by Kim DeMotte.

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Jerry Winker pics of ... The Ocoee Service Area with the cracker jack Connecticut  service crew hard at work.  The guy with hand in pocket is just a sponsor. ;) WRC voice-over artist Jeremy Hart interviews Mad Mike ... (Photo by DeMotte)
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The Jeremy Shaw article published in the British Rally Magazine, RallyXS.  Mary Jane's favorite quote = "Halley, looking like John Wayne in a fireproof suit."

So what's a pilgrim supposed to say?