Views from the StudBug's second quest for the Donison Cup.
Chapter Four - the Maine Forest SCCA ProRally in Rumford, Maine in July 2001.

2001 MFR ProRally Action
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Ready to leave RAS HQ on Coyote Trail. On the road again ...
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Waiting for Bressem in Connecticut. A Josh Bressem 'on the move' photo! Weekend home HQ ...
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Nice sunny day! Looking out the back door.
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Last minute rally prep. Resting, anticipating ...
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Expectant Fans!!! Spectator Stage Spectator Stage
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Spectator Stage Spectator Stage Spectator Stage
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Spectator Stage Winker PIC Maine scenery - YOW!!
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Greg Bailey, PHOTOG!! Winker PIC
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Winker PIC
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Winker PIC
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Service area fun!
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