Views from the StudBug/Sno*Tortoise's 2005 conquest of Michigan's Great White North. 

SNO*DRIFT was the first-ever stage rally sanctioned by Rally-America.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Michigan double-digit below zero temps greeted teams Friday morning and it never got above freezing - but it was a fun event thanks to all the workers, sponsors, photographers and fans but especially thanks to MM navvie #22, Kala Rounds who did an exemplary job calling notes on her second-ever attempt!

2005 RallyAmerica Rally Action!
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Below find an assortment of SNO*DRIFT 2005 in-car videos from Car #86, the StudBug/Sno*Tortoise

PLEASE do NOT stream these videos - Right click on the one you want to see and Save Link As to your hard drive.  You can play it from there as many times as you like! Enjoy! 

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Videos by Mad Mike ...
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