Views from the StudBug's 2001 quest for the Donison Cup. 

Chapter Three, the Susquehannock Trail SCCA ProRally in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania in June 2001.

The RallyBrat, Alex Kihurani, and his Dad caught some video of the StudBug in action on SS3 and SS9!

2001 SCCA ProRally Action
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On "The Green" (a Scott Harvey, Jr. pic!) Queued for the start. A fellow Beetle owner
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Crawling into the drink. SS1's midstream finish!
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Crawling out of the drink. Winker pic ...
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Winker pic ...
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Sequence shots are cool.
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Night time is the right time!
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After the rally ... Shot from a scaffold!
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Ole & Stu Posing for someone else "No worries, mate!"
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Loaded up & ready to haul some Pennsylvania mud
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to Oklahoma. Our Wellsboro home away from home.