The RealAutoSport, LLC Rallye Team's ROAD RACE (yes, road race!) story in pictures.

StudBug's March 2003 COMMA 6-hour road race enduro adventure!!!
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StudBug's hot pit StudBug's hot pit StudBug's hot pit
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Ricker pic of the false grid Ricker pic of the false grid Ricker pic of the false grid
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Stephen Cox taking the green flag ... StudBug shortly after the green flag (Stephen Cox driving) Waiting for the StudBug (Crew Chief 'Wrong Way Randy' on the right)
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Darkness descends (Don Stephens up) ... Whose BRIGHT white lights are those??? Time for a pit stop ...
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Time for a pit stop, it's Mad Mike's turn ... StudBug resting in the hot pits after six hours.
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StudBug after covering 190 laps StudBug's 2nd shift pilot, Don Stephens, packs up after the checkers flew. StudBug's hot pit crewman, Pat Lipsinic loads up.
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L-R: Randy, Pat, Don, Stephen and Mad Mike. TV commentator and StudBug's 1st stint driver, Stephen Cox. Smile Stephen!!!