A glimpse at things "CMC MotorSports, Inc."

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Waterford Hills 1986 POR press stage "Hero  Stickers"
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Press kit stuff
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JC & Uncle Joe Patches PPIHC Champs, AGAIN!
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Pre-season Press shot of Mad Mike, Dodge Boy.

Me, holding the championship trophy after a VERY long 1986 ...

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The original "MobyTruck" parked outside the CMC Motorsports garage at Marr Dodge in Orovillle, California. Towing buddy, Dick Cole, piloting Dougie Shepherd's similar rig out west ...

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Foreground - the 1986 Production championship winning Dodge Omni GLH (recently bent beyond recognition). "Car by M. E. 'Mad Mike' Halley" A peek inside the CMC shop in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Prepping for our title defense in 1987.

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The 1987 Dodge Shadow outfitted for some filming prior to the 2nd ProRally of 1987.

Another shot of the Shadow even heavier than it was in rallye trim.

On the trailer and ready to leave the Rockies enroute for Detroit.

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A tree stopped the Omni ... for good.
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You really were a great little car ...

The tree