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The pic that Tom Young snapped and was kind enough to share with me (us). End of Earth 2

Houghton 4

Tom's pic after I fiddled with it a touch ...   Wishful thinking, no doubt.

The following pictures (crappy as they are) were shot, scanned and posted by MAD MIKE his own bad self ... Copyright??   Yeah, right.  If you use something from this page just credit me and mention so I won't have to sick Guido on you.

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Hannah, the Artist

Hannah's artwork on the back of a Suomi Cafe placemat.

The rest of the "For Sale" sign.


More Fans!

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3heikki.jpg (29622 bytes)

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5gingras.jpg (28516 bytes)



Heikki/Cindy Krolikowski



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7.jpg (28365 bytes)

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9patrick.jpg (30466 bytes)

10utecht.jpg (27863 bytes)


(more "old timers" kickin' ass)


Downstream ...

Patrick (CONGRATS, Champ!)/Bradley (Hi Ben!)

The 2000 Group 5 CHAMPIONS!

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12plsek.jpg (33065 bytes)

13.jpg (32473 bytes)

14nielsn.jpg (30800 bytes)

15chizma.jpg (34842 bytes)

Hurst/Bohn 'stylin'


Cunningham/McClean (?)

The 2000 Group 2 CHAMPIONS!

Dennis/Claire Marie

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20spdsht.jpg (26744 bytes)






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Sube.jpg (29707 bytes)


The 2000 Production CHAMPIONS!

Da Burtis Boys from Colorado

Jeremy's Fire Arrow replacement.

It's a Sube ...
Niday.jpg (28431 bytes) Audi.jpg (28254 bytes) duluth.jpg (34577 bytes) duluth1.jpg (28318 bytes) duluth2.jpg (25394 bytes)
Niday & the silver-haired one. Orisek Duluth's full of drawbridges! Oops - another Army boat! US Steel!
duluth3.jpg (23028 bytes) duluth4.jpg (32901 bytes) lusting.jpg (20934 bytes) PeriW001.JPG (45877 bytes) PeriW002.JPG (44478 bytes)
This one would intimidate even the BoatSlayer! Drawbridge & a BIG ASS boat! The Son of RallyeTruck left wondering when he'll get a shot at a boat like his Dad did! Just over a year after this shot was taken - this little car was the SCCA Group 5 Champion! Utecht's Periwinkle ready to head north. Behind it the DSM that became two Peugeots!