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Well, it used to be a diesel ...

A pic of the picture taker ...

Ready to rallye in Missouri!

"I wish I had a PEUGEOT pickup"

After its final rallye, the Big Bend Bash.

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Brand, spankin' new PRV V6 - in 1981.

The Kit!

Tab A goes in Slot B ...

Laurence said it would fit ...

"I can't wait!!!"

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100 Acre Wood  Pro Rally debut of the only V6 sedan in the country.

New paint & codriver - Ty Holmquist & me at the Arkansas Traveler.

Into the Arkansas sunset ...

Gary Eaton's Production class 505 in Michigan.

1982 Northern Lights Pro Rally press stage in Michigan.

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Stylin' on the press stage.

Woolf/Whittaker Peugeot 504 V6 Safari Coupe.

Halley/Holmquist Peugeot 504 V6 sedan.

Half way through stage one.

The finish of Northern Lights' Stage one.

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Ahhh, the early 1980s!

Woolf/Whittaker at the 1982 Chisum Trail.

Almost done with Stage one.

Mad Mike takes to Stage one.

Check out the Citroens parked behind.

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With Mark Long along ...

... "we" find a cold, wet Colorado creek!

Orange& Blue!!

As published in the Stillwater News-Press.