Find here reflections of the Stage Fright American Rallye Team's early days ...

Vega Daze

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Peugeot Days

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This picture represents one of the nicest compliments ever paid me. The Bug owner, Dick Gifford, is grinning and pointing at a sign that said, "The Official Mike Halley Fan Club Racing Team." Standing behind the Bug is my first ever codriver, Arthur G. K. Horn while John Shaw stands beside Dick.  

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I Solo'd too.   Toyota Land Cruisers, Checker Cabs, Police Cars and pickup trucks - you name it, I autocrossed it.  This is a shot of me in a Cadillac coupe de ville at the first & last Tulsa Street Cross in 82 (?).  I placed that beast in the top 10 out of 21 F-Stock entries!

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Scans of some t-shirts I can't seem to throw away ...

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The Buzzard Brothers Rest In Peace guys ...